VPN’S and Bitcoin Gambling

As a lover of bitcoin gambling understanding VPN and all it entails is an important aspect of keeping you safe as you surf the net and gamble on bitcoin casinos. There is quite a lot of information about VPNs, so we’ve put together a helpful guide for you about VPN and bitcoin.



What is a VPN?

 A VPN is a Virtual Private Network. It helps to keep you secure when using the Internet, assisting you in staying anonymous and safe from prying eyes. It can be a useful system to use when travelling with your laptop, tablet or smartphone and to use when accessing Wi-Fi hotspots in public, or when travelling abroad. This is helpful if you are trying to access a Bitcoin casino that is unavailable in the country you reside (or the country you are visiting), or if you are trying to access TV-catch-up services that are not available in your current location. When looking to choose a VPN service, many will require an up-front fee and/or an on-going subscription.

 How to Use a VPN for Bitcoin Gambling?

 Anyone interested in remaining anonymous when using the Internet, and adding extra layers of security to a bitcoin gambling experience, should research a variety of VPN services to find the right choice for them. Once you have chosen the VPN service with the subscription that suits you, download it and install the app on your PC or Mac. The next part is crucial. You’ll be asked to choose which server to connect to. Some VPNs will have a wide range of servers to choose from, often in list form, sometimes in the form of marks on a global map. Depending on what you require the VPN for you should choose your server wisely. If you wish to access a bitcoin casino that is only available for users in the US for instance, you will need to click on a US-based server.


General Benefits of VPN


Whether you are looking to use a VPN service for bitcoin gambling, or for other reasons, there are a number of benefits to look out for.


Increase Your Security – All the data and information that you have at your disposal is encrypted and secure when you use a VPN network. All your vital and sensitive information, and usage, is away from the prying eyes of hackers and other digital onlookers.


Flexibility of Work – They are often used for businesses in order to utilise flexible working patterns. It allows for employees to safely access information and work data from any location, aiding productivity and effectiveness all company-wide.

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Safely Share Files – Within any group situation online, for work or personal purposes, a VPN allows for safe and secure passage of data and information for a long period of time.

Real Private Browsing – Through a VPN server users can truly access both websites and applications in complete privacy and anonymity, something that cannot be said of web proxies or software that hides your IP address.

Access Blocked Content – If you are blocked access to a website due to your location, a VPN can help you unlock that site through a bypassing of implemented filters. This is extremely helpful for access to bitcoin casinos that have limited country requirements.


How a VPN Can Protect Your Bitcoins?

 You might think that by using Bitcoins as a currency, or other crypto currencies, you are fully protecting your identity. In fact, whenever bitcoins are used in a transaction they are unencrypted. Anyone monitoring the network would be able to obtain information about you through your transactions, the origins of blocks, bitcoin addresses and IP addresses. A VPN can be used in order to add that extra layer of security to your bitcoin use. It helps to encrypt all outgoing traffic during financial transactions (you can even choose to route bitcoin wallet transactions through your VPN without it affecting other internet use), prevents any individual or organisation from looking into your cryptocurrency wallet for information relating to transactions and balances, and allows you to purchase products and use software and applications completely anonymously.


Paying for VPN with Bitcoin


Most VPN services will allow payment and subscription through the usual channels, such as using a credit card or via PayPal. Why not pay for your VPN subscription with Bitcoins, solidifying your security from both angles? If you are subscribing to a VPN the chances are it is because you want to increase your anonymity levels on the web, so why make your payments clear for all to see? Using your credit card or PayPal account will leave traces of your real life information, such as billing address and email address. By using bitcoin to pay for your VPN your name will not be attached to the transaction by default, adding a complex layer that makes it difficult to back-trace and protecting you against identity theft.

Why You Should Always Pay for VPN


As with any product or service there are Seemingly free VPN services available. When it comes to VPN services, nothing is really free to use, with a company claiming to be free maybe having hidden intentions that may include using your data and information. A free service might end up with you paying after all! Always be aware of scam services, and with that in mind we would always recommend you find a paid service that suits your needs. That way you have a greater promise of a good product to use to your advantage when playing bitcoin games and on bitcoin casinos. A paid-for VPN service will use a stringent and robust security protocol to protect your data, it won’t have the same levels of user drain as with free-to-use services, ensuring that speeds don’t drop to a significantly lower level, and you’ll also have more servers to choose from, in a wider range of countries, and with a greater support staff structure to assist you.


What is an SSL VPN?


A Secure Sockets Layer Virtual Private Network (or SSL VPN) is a form of VPN that can be used through a standard web browser. Compared to IPsec VPN, an SSL VPN does not require the installation of a specialist client software in order to use, and is perfect for secure communications to transmit data and information between two locations using only a web browser, encrypting data for secure exchange.


How Fast is a VPN?


Some users might worry that by using a VPN they are going to significantly slow down their Internet connection. This isn’t necessarily the case but there are a few factors to consider in order to ensure that you are working at the highest possible speed at all times when connected to a VPN service. When it comes to using a VPN service for bitcoin casino and bitcoin gaming, it is important to have a steady Internet connection to maximise your enjoyment and to minimise disruption and lag-time. The first thing to consider is the distance to your chosen server. Although there could be reasons to choose a server that is located in a certain country, try always to match up with servers as close to your country as possible, the further the distance the more chance of losing speed. As previously mentioned, another factor in a slow speed is with free VPN services where there is a greater strain on the server load, with many users connected at any given time. Away from the VPN service itself, if you have a slow processer speed and specifications that alter performance, a VPN is likely to suffer just as any other process you are using would.


As you can see, there are quit a few factors to consider when thinking about bitcoin gambling through a VPN service. We would always recommend purchasing from a subscription-based VPN model, allowing anonymous and secure access to any bitcoin casino the world over.

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