Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

Much as you see with traditional online casino and gambling operators, Bitcoin casinos offer a wide range of casino bonuses for new users and loyal players alike. These range from no deposit bonus offers, bitcoin casino free spins to entice new players, referral bonuses, and other ways to engage with customers and get them playing!


As with other areas of bitcoin casinos and online gambling, the team at Cryptogolds wanted to make things as simple as possible for you, so we’ve put together a handy guide on all things bitcoin bonuses, to help you get started and to make the most of your efforts and play.

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What is a Bitcoin Bonus?


If you are smart with how you approach bitcoin casinos and the various no deposit bonuses on offer, you can start to see a dramatic increase in your returns. Worst case scenario you’ll have some fun along the way as you test out new bitcoin slots, casinos and games.


There are a number of ways in which an online casino player can earn bonus bitcoins. Bitcoin casinos are always looking to promote to new users through the application of promotional offers and the like. A bitcoin bonus might come in a few guises, such as a:



  • No Deposit Bonus
  • Re-Deposit Bonus                     
  • Free Spins Bonus
  • Referral Bonus

Always take advantage of the offers and bitcoin casino bonuses that make most sense to you. We’re sure you understand the benefits of gambling online using cryptocurrencies, but it is worth pointing out that you are more likely to make a healthy return on bitcoin bonuses than you are with a traditional online casino bonus offer, where you might be hampered by withdrawal fees or other restrictions and/or qualifying criteria before you can use the bonus in question.


Bitcoin No Deposit Bonus


Whether you are using a bitcoin casino or a traditional online casino, a no deposit bonus is the most popular offer that is found for new users, as a way of enticing people to try out a casino for the first time. A bitcoin no deposit bonus is as simple as it sounds, it allows new users to test out a casino, games and slots without having to deposit any of their own currency in order to do so. There are often qualifying criteria for users to be able to play and receive a slots no deposit bonus, or other type of bitcoin casino game.


The most popular way to achieve this is to offer a free sign up bonus with no deposit necessary to use the bitcoin casino. Of course, this means that only those users who register with that particular casino will be eligible to receive the no deposit bitcoin bonus to use as their first bet, but it’s a good way to engage with new users of a site. Another requirement for many no deposit bonus systems is that before any winnings from a bonus bet can be withdrawn, real money games or loyalty points have to be accumulated and played through to a certain point before a withdrawal is ‘unlocked’. If you are considering making the most of a no deposit bitcoin casino offer there are a few tips that will stand you in good stead. Always look around for those casinos offering the biggest bonuses, always understand the specific terms and conditions and how they apply to you, utilise the bonus bitcoin to try out new games and slots and be ready to play with real bitcoin when the time comes.


Bitcoin First Deposit Bonus


There is immediately a significant difference between a first deposit bonus and a no deposit bonus when it comes to bitcoin casino, bitcoin slots and other types of bitcoin online games. Any player that wishes to receive a first deposit bitcoin deposit must first deposit actual currency into their chosen casino account. This is obviously a riskier proposition, depositing bitcoin currency into your wallet to use on a casino platform, rather than to register and play without a deposit at first. Despite this, the financial rewards are potentially greater, with much more lucrative bonus offers often associated with a first deposit bonus when compared with a no deposit bonus offer.

Where there are similarities with a no deposit bitcoin bonus offer is that a first deposit bonus is only ever available to new users, as a welcome to the casino they have chosen to play with. Once a user has registered an account and attached his or her bitcoin wallet to that account, a player has to deposit a set amount of currency into the account, which is then usually matched by the casino (sometimes this bonus offer can match the deposit by up to 100%, with some cases showing an even greater bonus amount attached to a first deposit within a bitcoin casino).


For some casinos the first deposit bonus will be matched in Bitcoin, with some preferring to convert into £££ or $$$ to be used as a bonus amount for the user to withdraw (within those casinos that have bitcoin and traditional currency as an option). As with other bitcoin casino bonuses there will be requirements to pass before receiving your first deposit bonus, such as releasing the bonus in increments, or only releasing the funds once you have either played enough games on the site or acquired a certain number of loyalty points.


Bitcoin Re-Deposit Bonus


A bitcoin re-deposit bonus within an online casino platform is similar to the first deposit bonus offer explained above. The main difference of course is that a re-deposit bonus is not aimed at those new users, as a way of enticing them to become members of that particular casino. Instead, a re-deposit bonus is a good way for a casino to reward loyalty, and to keep long-serving members interested, with bonus offers tailored to those who have been playing for the longest amount of time.


Most of the time a re-deposit bonus will be significantly smaller than that of a first deposit bonus, but it is still something you should keep your eyes peeled for if you regularly play at a bitcoin casino. A re-deposit (or reload) bonus might just be that boost you need to maximise your return of investment. As with most other bitcoin bonus offers, a re-deposit bonus will likely include a play-through requirement or other prerequisite before you can claim your loyalty reward and withdraw your bitcoin.

Bitcoin Casino Free Spins


If you have been playing the slots at a Bitcoin casino, free spins are always a bonus offer that get the juices flowing and are a great way to entice new users to sign up. For a player the offer of free spins is an attractive one as there is no requirement to sign up and register a new account in some cases, nor is there a need to deposit your Bitcoin before being able to play games and receive a bonus for doing so. Free spins are the most popular offer for new bitcoin casino players as it gives an honest chance to try out a casino and its games and slots, without being tied down into making a long-term choice by signing up to that particular casino.


What a free spins bitcoin casino slots offer does do however, is provide the chance for players to use the free spins to win some real money. There are of course, conditions that come with any bonus offer, and it is no different with a free spins bonus. Take a look around at different bitcoin casinos and you’ll find different free spins offers and requirements before you can withdraw money made from a free play.


There are a few different types of free spin bitcoin casino offers, including:


  • Free Spins First Deposit Bonus – Usually as part of a deposit bonus, and with high wager requirements
  • Re-Deposit Bonus and Free Spins – Free spins included as part of a deposit bonus offer
  • No Deposit but Free Spins – You don’t have to deposit any money, free spins are provided with sign-ups and sometimes without wagering requirements.


Bitcoin Referral Bonus


The referral bonus is something that everyone is familiar with, and not just with online casinos and gaming, as so often there are referral schemes for utility services, broadband and TV services, restaurants and many other parts of life. When it comes to a bitcoin casino referral bonus it works in much the same way, with certain stipulations to be aware of from one bitcoin casino to the next.


For some you’ll be offered a matched-deposit bonus, with your friend’s first deposit matched in your account as bonus bitcoin. A bonus is sometimes offered in the form of a set amount of money, or a certain number of free spins or bets, you’ll have to research and find the best refer-a-friend option that suits you.


Whether you wish to have a go at a bitcoin casino free spin, take advantage of a no deposit bitcoin casino bonus, or a free sign up bitcoin casino bonus, there will be an offer for everyone to enjoy. We believe that a bitcoin casino bonus, for new users and old, offers a way for customers to enjoy the experience a little bit more, but also allows the casinos to bolster numbers and be in a position to continue to offer bonuses over a longer period of time as a customer becomes a loyal one.


We’ll be keeping an eye out for great bitcoin casino offers, so that you can stay abreast of all the best no deposit bonus deals, the greatest referral schemes and any way in which you can increase your own bitcoin casino earnings.

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